site: tower of david

Informally known as the Tower of David, this uncompleted skyscraper in Caracas, Venezuela is one of the tallest in Latin America and has been abandoned by its capitalist investors. Since then it has become the home to over 2500 squatters. It is fairly inconceivable that such a phenomenon could happen at this scale in this country. It seems to a certain extent to be the product of a particular socio-political condition; it comes in the context of a financial crisis in the 90s and resulting election of Hugo Chavez, as well as a substantial housing shortage. In fact it is described as a form of extreme squalor. Despite it being a site of desperation, it is fascinating to see an example of how people can subvert the notion of property on such a scale and create an informal vertical city within a city.

another reference: Lebbeus Woods

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