methods: rebar

The work of SF based art and design group Rebar, at this point in my research, seems like an obvious touchstone. Their work deals with many concepts that I have been interested in. Their method of appropriating urban space for community-based purposes with an emphasis on playfulness seems highly influenced by Lefebvre’s concept of the right to the city. The concept of Park(ing) Day is a simple one, but fairly radical. The rational division of the street into parking spaces is analogous to lots of property. This banal form is appropriated and transformed for the purpose of community engagement. Added to this are the factors of temporality, mobility, and the resulting sense of the event. Similarly, the showplace triangle park next to CCA is an act of spatial appropriation. The methods employed are light, using repurposed materials, which could be easily taken away and leaving obvious traces of its transformation from a road into a place of play and recreation.

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