methods: lebbeus woods

Lebbeus Woods’s Pamphlet Architecture book War and Architecture is a very interesting project regarding urbanism in transition through voided spaces. It is specifically in regard to the devastation of war in Sarajevo, however I think the formal methods and concepts can be abstracted and utilized in other contexts. The techniques that Woods describes is against restoration or erasure, but rather maintaining the scar and creating new spaces in between as form of a scab, which he refers to as “injections”, which resist the act of reconciling and connecting the void, but rather offer new opportunities, or “freespaces”. He sees these freespaces as a network through the widespread ruins of the city.

“Who inhabits freespaces? People from every social class inhabit freespaces–whoever has the desire or necessity to transform their everyday patterns of life from the fixed to the fluid, from the deterministic to the existential. For the most part, it will be people who find the old, hierarchical orders too uncomfortable, too oppressive, too unworkable to stay within their dictates of custom or law, and are driven–from within or without–to take their lives more fully into their own hands…

“Who owns freespaces? Those who make freespaces their own. Those whose lives, day to day, consecrate space with their own densities of meaning… For those who occupy freespace, it is something else–action transforming itself over time. A space that has been abandoned, for whatever reason, reverts to the common domain. There is justice in this, and the reality of an ever-renewable beginning.”

I would like to explore this concept of filling in the voided abandoned urban space.

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