precedent survey

Park(ing) Day – Rebar and many others

Property attributes/variables:

  • reconceptualize the street automobile parking space as a plot of publicly owned property to be rented out for a limited amount of time.


  • reprogram this space from temporary storage into various forms of public leisure activities.
  • extend the public pedestrian zone of the sidewalk.
  • foster novel interpersonal interactions.


  • sod/astroturf
  • planters
  • furniture
  • games
  • performance

Commonspace – Rebar

Property attributes/variables:

  • mandated privately-owned public space created in exchange for dense development.
  • in the form of plazas, courtyards, rooftop gardens, and atriums.


  • bring attention to, exploit, and test the limits of these little-known public amenities.
  • question the premise given its existence under private capital-backed security and surveillance.


  • performance/happening/flash-mob.

Spacebuster – Raumlabor

Property attributes/variables:

  • mobile, thus not tied to any particular location.
  • extension of vehicle.
  • transform vehicle-accessible space (such as parking lots).


  • mobile and deployable enclosed event space.


  • inflatable/pneumatic
  • automobile
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